The Khalsa Rishtai Service

Khalsa Rishtai introduces a professional matrimonial service for Practicing Sikhs based on the fundamentals of the traditional Bachola model as follows:

  • Set up a contact point via a user-friendly website for people to share, access and submit registrations to utilise the service.
  • Establish a ‘relevant’ registration form which captures all necessary details needed to find a suitable match for Gur-Sikhs.
  • Utilise a customised database which uses weighted criteria to find the best match.
  • Appoint a respectful Bachola to facilitate matchmaking; to meet both families and make recommendations; to arrange for the respected parties to meet.
  • Ensure complete safety for bibiyan and that respectful measures are in place for meetings i.e. in a Gurdwara or a family environment, with family or Bachola in the near vicinity.
  • Where meetings are successful, Bachola to facilitate discussions between families as deemed necessary to ensure that there are no misunderstandings or non-gurmat behaviour, if rishta is agreed.
  • Bachola will see rishta through to the marriage.
  • Khalsa Rishtai will also give access to 5 well respected Singhs, who can be called upon to resolve any marital issues which may arise after the wedding.

Important - By registering for this service, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the above.