Khalsa Rishtai for Today's Needs

In the Khalsa diaspora today, practicing Sikhs are experiencing increasing difficulty in finding suitable partners for marriage.
This is due to many reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • The relatively low number of Amritdhari Sikhs.
  • Varying interpretations of Sikh life and varying levels of Sikh practice.
  • Jaath pressure from parents.
  • Increasing number of Sikh ‘reverts’ whose parents have no social contact with ‘Sikhs’.
  • Geographic isolation.
  • Unrealistic expectations and confused priorities.
  • Increasing number of Sikh Jathebandiyan and associated divisive tribal mentality/politics.
  • Western and media influenced attitudes.
  • Increasing number of divorcees (who find it hard to get re-married due to stigma).
  • Decline of traditional Bachola culture and increase of meet and date culture.